DATE  :  2007

            AREA  :  80 000 m²

CLIENT  :  Mairie de Paris


"Urban acupuncture" is a manifesto. Slender, ecological and functional: the tower, like a needle applied to a nerve centre, eases the urban landscape from its intense activity with finesse and discretion. 

Designed to be implemented in the Les Halles neighbourhood of Paris, the structure is raised 40 meters above ground by four arms, which alleviate the 2 ha garden. Floor-level circulation is not obstructed and the view is not disfigured by a base. 

First-floor access is realised by equally distributed escalators. They give way to an esplanade which offers a panoramic view on Parisian buildings. 

The overall 80,000 m2 of office, living and commercial space are distributed in two towers bound to two glass central ones. On the top floor, wind turbines feed the construction in natural energy. 
The tower becomes a symbolic site of Paris, an attractive pole of metropolitan life where multifunctionality meets eco-responsibility. 


Collaborators: Natalia Salas Benito and Erwan Riou

Acupuncture Urbaine