Airport Charles de Gaulle, FRANCE

DATE  :  2012

     AREA  :  250 m²

CLIENT  :  Aéroport de Paris


Functioning as a boarding pontoon to the new 2E terminal of Roissy Airport, the museum takes the form of a free access 250m2 footbridge. In essence, it is like a picture rail placed at the disposal of Parisian museums. Through various spaces, and by a path that progressively rises above the ground, time is temporarily halted during the contemplation of these art works.


On the “Luxury Street” proceeding boarding, between the restaurant, the lounge, and the refined jewelry shops, travelers get caught up by the glass cone at the entrance of the museum and accept this soft invitation to a visit.


Displayed right from the entrance on a majestic totem, the museum is displayed to the rushed travelers and invites to step into the entry hall and the galleries for a visit to the original pieces of art waiting for them.


Old grayed oak on the floor, anthracite steel for the guardrails, and black lasure on the airlock, and slightly off-white shades offer the visitor a distanced calm.


The journey is simple: It quickly delivers the pleasure of a discovery, a museum, or a curiosity cabinet of a enlightened amateur. The tenuous space offers intimacy between the works and the visitor; paintings and sculptures are only a few meters away from the observer.


The pontoon leads to the ultimate discovery as ceilings rise until the last room that is high and transversal: an unexpected footbridge !


Light emerging from the ground, video screens, and neutral privacy allow the works to occupy the space wrapping the visitor and accompanying him through this brief visual and spiritual halt.

Espace Musée