DATE  :  2009

AREA  :  -

CLIENT  :  Théâtre des Champs Elysées


The Seven Deadly Sins responds to the command of two prestigious institutions : The Champs Elysees Theatre and the Vienna Opera.


Obligated to conserve another scene's decor, the Vienna Opera imposed on the scenographer certain space constraints. Thus, the spectacle's decor is marked by its quasi-absence. Reduced to eight meters, all of the elements of the decor are imposed instantaneously on the spectator.


It is composed of a structure placed before a screen that separates the canvas from seven rectangles, through which are projected video images. Each rectangle represents the windows of building's facade and each one has the function of projecting the image of one sin.


This structure, made of canvas dyed black, is placed on a dais on the stage. At the garden side, it reaches just to the edge of the stage.


At the courtside, it leaves some openings through which circulate the actors and the technicians. Its character, imposing and static, also underlines the mobile and manageable  elements of the decor that echo the world of the ecclesiastical - white pews stripped down, candles on a candelabra.


Décor d’opéra, 7 péchés capitaux