DATE  :  2010

         AREA  :  1 500 m²

CLIENT  :  Ambassade de Russie


-International contest for the construction of a new Russian church in Paris.

The function of each building is taken into consideration for the architectural plans of this site. From the River Seine, there is a clear view of the dome which can provoke curiosity and lead to discovery for a passersby.


First, the visitor is greeted by the cultural center of the ensemble: the exhibition and concert halls. Beams of sunlight shine through this first building, due to its central courtyard. It opens to the outside and curves out, giving it the essence of ease and comfort in an impressive way.


This building and the front office facing into the second building creates a unique triangular shape, offering a triple perspective on the center dome. The large bay windows in the banquet halls of the third building face outward, and provides one of the most beautiful sights that Paris has to offer.

Always open on the inside...

The entrance of the church is set a little behind Quai Branly along with a garden which can be used for meeting up with others. 


A monumental entrance invites the faithful to enter this holy place, glorifying the same form of sacred entry as religious processions and demonstrations.


The facades of the church are made of glass, providing a welcoming feeling on the inside, as is the sharing of faith. The modern-looking stained glass windows preserve the privacy of the place and allow just enough natural light to enter. The structure of the alcove offers ever-changing perspectives of the interior, depending on the time of day through its various lighting effects.

Eglise Orthodoxe